About Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia




Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia is an Web informative and the services. Is behind the high demand from customers, like you, wanted guarantees when you schedule your surgery intervention in Tunisia.
A team of tourism professionals and cosmetic surgery that collaborate to provide all necessary information about treatments that can be performed in this country currently booming.

CET offers personalized and continuous treatment without intermediaries. A representative will be in constant contact with you following the guidelines of confidentiality that a service of this nature entails.
We understand that making the decision to undergo an intervention is not an easy task and more not take place in a foreign country. We assure transparency.

Our official travel partner is Desert Rose Service, Class A and certified by the Office of Tourism of Tunisia. An agency specializing in trips will provide a stay based on your preferences.

Clinics and surgeons have all the guarantees of the Ministry of Health of Tunisia.

Researching first, and see the results after, our first choice is the Hannibal and the Pasteur Clinics. Professionals, with good facilities and a fantastic deal.

Our goal is that you get all the information you need and make your stay in Tunisia as comfortable as possible.