General conditions

CET guarantee

Working with qualified professionals and clinics that comply with the standards of hygiene you have the necessary guarantees for his intervention.


Customized quote

Upon receipt of the form and requested the photos you receive personalized quote within 48 hours.
This service is free.



To make the booking must be paid 10% of the total cost. Payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal (4% fee).
The rest will be paid at the same clinic the day before surgery.
Card payment will be applied 5% more on the total cost.



All deposits are refundable prior to surgery.
They shall be paid only 20 Euros administration fee.
The patient will pay the transfer fee.
If cancellation would lead in Tunisia by the patient only pay management fees, hotel and transfers.


Confidentiality and guarantees

We pledge to respect its confidentiality and use the data provided in accordance with the purpose for which they have been requested.
Regulation on Security Measures for automated files containing personal data, approved by Royal Decree 994 on July 11, 1999.



Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia has been created to provide as much information on treatments and is only an intermediary, ensuring patient bookings. CTE reminds you that all surgery can be complications or dissatisfaction with the results even having been properly made.

Medical liability pertains only to the surgeon and clinic. Any dispute concerning the medical aspect will be regulated by the Tunisian courts.
Legally, in all countries of the world, the plastic surgeon has a contract of means and not of results: you can get legal redress if there is a fault or a technical error.
If the result is not satisfactory and there is no medical error, can not resort to any legal action.



If it is necessary tweaks at no charge to the customer in terms of medical costs. The travel and accommodation shall be borne by the patient.


Risks and complications

All surgery carries risks. The patient should be aware of it.
Some of these risks depend on the surgeon and can be prevented by their experience, competence and seriousness.
Others are independent of the surgeon and are specific to certain interventions. During the preoperative consultation, the surgeon will detail the possible complications.



As with any trip, we recommend travel insurance.
Regarding the operation you will be covered by insurance clinic.


Recommendations ISAPS

The world's leading society of plastic surgery in the world published the first international guidelines for tourists of plastic surgery.
The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), recommends the following guidelines:

Formation of the surgeon.
Certification of the clinic and the surgeon.
Hire additional coverage.
Remain in the country for at least a week with a suitable stay for postoperative.
Languages spoken at the clinic.
Patient testimonials.