Frequently asked questions

Can one be made operated at any age?

The age plays a very relative part if the patient is in good health, that its motivation is good, and that its life is in harmony with such a decision. The intervention can then have a really beneficial action. It is obviously necessary to make practise a very neat preoperative assessment.

How should health status?

As we explained, the cosmetic surgery is addressed to the subjects in physical and mental good health. However certain pathologies do not contra-indicate an intervention if one correctly takes it into account. Well treated arterial hypertension, the diabetes not insulino depending well balanced, hyperthyroïdie etc... do not prevent an intervention which can be beneficial. It is the role of the anaesthetist (but of the surgeon also) to appreciate the possibility or not of practising an intervention depending on the state of the patient. It is always advisable to initially regulate the medical problem before any decision.

Risks and complications

Any surgical operation involves risks which are always measured. Certain risks depend on the surgeon and are avoided thanks to his experiment. Other risks are independent of the surgeon and are specific to certain interventions.

How can you treat me without seeing me?

Any intervention needs a previous work. You must fill out the form carefully and provide photos. In addition, you must perform all tests and analyzes indicate that before the trip.
Before surgery, the anesthesist and the surgeon will meet with you.

Why Tunisia?

1. Preparation and experience of the tunisian surgeons. Same quality as in Europe.
2. Intervention prices and stay are lower than those of a single intervention in Europe.
Favorable currency exchange.

How do I schedule the trip?

It's nothing complicated. A Spanish representative will contact you to make arrangements with the clinic and the hotel. As for the flight, we can help you find the best deal.
A citizen of the European Community requires only a valid passport to travel to Tunisia.
Learn the steps to follow.

Should I be accompanied?

The answer is preferably yes. Not only because of the help you can give physically speaking. The moral support is very important considering further you travel to another country.
However, if you could not be together, we will do everything possible to make your stay as comfortable and easy as possible. We'll be there for you always.

If I decide to cancel once in the clinic?

You must pay the service charges, transfers and hotel, not the clinic.

How many days should I stay?

Depending on the requested intervention although you should always program a minimum of 7 days (with some interventions more) to ensure good results and no complications.

Can I do tourism?

Everything depends on the degree of importance of the intervention but not a pleasure trip. It should rest and not make efforts so you can not program large displacements. However, if treatment is permitted discover, always quiet, special places like Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.
This point can not be programmed in advance. You should expect to be involved and to receive instructions from your surgeon.
It is possible to schedule tours the days before the intervention.

How to trust the clinics?

The selected clinics are accredited by the Ministry of Health.
The surgeons have been trained abroad and are collegiate.
All covered by professional insurance.

I am male and I want a treatment

Until a few years ago the surgery was a world reserved for women. Today no one is surprised when a man wants to take care of your body or improve it.
Between fifteen and twenty percent of male interventions are liposuction, prominent ears or surgical rejuvenation.


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