Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement


Indications: Shortly breast volume

Anesthesia: General

The incision: Areolar, axillary or inframammary
Stay in clinic: 24 hours
Recovery: 7 days

What is

Breast enlargement is achieved by inserting and positioning
an implant, filled either with silicone gel or salt-water
solution known as saline (the only implants authorised).

Before the intervention

You need blood tests and a mammogram.
There shall be consultation with the anesthesiologist.
Any medication containing aspirin should be avoided 10 days before the operation.

The surgery



Is carried out under area anasthesia. The method of inserting / positioning your implant (in front or behind the chest muscle), the incision area (around the aureola or in the armpit), the nature and volume of the implant will all depend on your anatomy and skin quality (elasticity). The treatment may be practised from teenage. Scars will not be visible and the outcome is most often satisfactory and natural looking.

After the surgery

The first gauze dressing is removed within 24 - 48 hours and replaced by a lighter one forming a sort of adapted elastic bra. Wearing a bra day and night for about a month is recommended.


The operational continuations are not particularly painful, the risks of hématomes, displacements of the implant and of infection remain rare. The scars are invisible and the generally excellent results.

Visible results after 3 months.



Infection, bruising, altered sensation, scarring, deformity or implant rupture.

Breast enlargement

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