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What is

The Botulinic Toxin.

The substance is injected directly into the muscle by ultrafine needles.

Botox causes an inhibition of the muscle and prevents it contracting what causes to slacken the skin and from smoothing the wrinkles of expression. Is used to correct the goose legs, the wrinkles with the corner of the lips and the wrinkles of the face.

Before the treatment

You do not need any particular preparation but must avoid the ingestion of aspirin 15 days before and 15 days after treatment and present a clean face, without makeup.



This act is carried out with the consulting room of the doctor under local anaesthesia. Small rednesses and a small oedema can appear but reabsorb at the end of 48h.

After the treatment

Patients typically can return to normal activity, such as work on the same day. However, patients are asked to refrain from exercise the same day. The effects of Botox start to become apparent in five to seven days.


The results are visible at the end of a few days and persist approximately 6 months.


Complications are nil although each patient really does not react the same way.
It may cause headaches, nausea, fever, allergies or twitching.

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