Private dentist

American university.

With certificate of implantology.

With operating room.

With insurance.



We have selected a surgeon dentist who can perform the same treatments in the clinic.

The stay will be scheduled in an apartment in Hergla and we will offer you a car and driver.

Treatments   Price €
Filling    40
Cleaning    35
Normal extraction    15
Bleaching    220
Bleaching Zoom    435
Normal implant     720
Standar implant    890
Luxe implante    1200 
Ceramic crown      280  
Zirconium crown


Private dentist

How to proceed in the case of implants

  • Fill out our contact form and send X-rays to study the case prior to movement. 
  • You must make a first trip. Following consultation with the surgeon, surgery will be scheduled the next day. The aforementioned is to stay 8 days in Tunisia to be the same surgeon who oversee the process but if you do not have time, we must have 2 days for the intervention. It will place a temporary prosthesis.
  • At 3 months, higher implant, there will be the second trip. For implants below, the wait is 4 to 6 months. In both cases you must stay 10 days in Tunisia.

The implant is guaranteed for life.

Stay apartments



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