Hair transplants

Hair Transplants





Anesthesia: Local
Stay in clinic: 3 days
Recovery: 10 days

What is

Hair transplantation involves removing a band of hair-bearing scalp from a ‘‘donor site’’ around the scalp (the crown), which is then divided into tiny pieces to be relocated to a bald or thinning area. The transplanted hairs will not fall off as they are removed from an area where they have been genetically programmed to last for a lifetime.

Before the intervention

You need blood tests.
Any medication containing aspirin should be avoided 10 days before the operation.

The surgery

Hair transplants

Is carried out in the operating theatre under local anesthesia with a sedative, under proper monitoring and the supervision of an anesthesia specialist.

The technique is safe as the patient’s own hair is used (auto-transplantation) to eliminate any rejection risks.

Duration totals 6 hours for the surgeon and 3 for the patient.


  1. Hair removal from the "donor area" using the strip technique. The strips are taken from the back of the head where hairs do not fall (genetically programmed to last a lifetime ). The incision is then closed with stitches that would fall out within 10 days, leaving a discreet scar easilly concealed by surrounding hair. The session lasts around 45 minutes.
  2. The strip is cut into tiny grafts ( micro-grafts).The grafts differ by size and shape depending on the area to be covered , the patient’s goal, hair color and and texture from donor site. In the meantime ( 2 hours ), the patient is resting in his/her room.
  3. Grafts are transplanted into thinning areas, taking great care to ensure the transplanted hair will grow in a natural direction. Micro-grafts ( follicular implants ) may contain 1 to 3 hairs. 

After the surgery

Swelling on may occur at the forehead and occasionnally the eyelids. Temporary numbing can also be experienced. Though complications are rare and rather exceptional when the surgery is performed as required, temporary cysts may appear requiring local antiseptic treatments.


The outcome is visible within 4 weeks, permanent within 6 weeks.

The results achieved are esthetically natural and effective making the procedure undetectable as any scars will be invisible. Your transplanted hair may be combed normally.


An infection of cooking hair is exceptional, its treatment will consist of the antibiotic catch.

Certain grafts do not take roots, that can concern to the maximum 10% of micro the grafts and those could easily be replaced at the time of the following meeting.





"It's been almost a year of operation and everything went very well but still I have some mild discomfort at the crown of insensitivity but is disappearing little by little, just a matter of passing the time to recover completely.
After the operation my head was covered with hair healthy, strong and plentiful. I am very happy with the results. "

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