Indications: Excess localized fat

Anesthesia: Local or general

The incision: 1 cm
Stay in clinic: 24 hours
Recovery: 3 to 5 days

What is

Liposuction consists in inserting a small narrow tube or cannula through very small incisions in the areas to be suctioned. The cannula will be attached to a vaccum machine, thus enabling suctioning of unwanted fat deposits.

Liposuction is typically performed on several areas of the body including the legs, hips, buttock, thighs...

Before the intervention

Two weeks prior to your liposuction surgery you should stop taking all forms of aspirin, as well as any medication and vitamins that could interfere with your blood’s clotting ability. If you smoke, you should attempt to stop for at least two weeks before liposuction.

The surgery



Is performed either under a light local anesthesia or a general anesthesia when several areas are to be treated or in case of an extensive liposuction. It has the advantage of causing only minor scarring that disappears over time.

Duration: depends on the number of zones has to treat, between 30 mn - 2 hours.


After the surgery

At the end of the operation, a panty is worn to apply pressure, minimize swelling and provide support as bruises and swelling appear around the treated area.

The patient will be able to return to normal life at around 4 - 7 days, depending on the number of areas treated and the nature of his/her professional activity.


The results are visible at the end of three months and are final.


Asymmetry, rippling or bagginess of skin, pigmentation changes, skin injury, fluid retention and excessive fluid loss leading to shock.


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