Breast reduction

Breast Reduction


Indications: Large volume of breasts relative to the morphology of the patient

Anesthesia: General

The incision: Shaped inverted "T"
Stay in clinic: 24 hours
Recovery: 6 - 8 days

What is

Breast reduction is an operation designed to obtain a smaller breast by excising the excess glandular tissue, sucking out fat deposit and readjusting / reshaping the new smaller breast contour. It also can eliminate or relieve pain and symptoms associated with large breasts, such as shoulder, neck or back ache.

Before the intervention

You need blood tests and a mammogram.
There shall be consultation with the anesthesiologist.
Any medication containing aspirin should be avoided 10 days before the operation.

The surgery

Breast Reduction

Consist with the ablation of glandular and greasy fabric of excess; residual glandular volume is climbed, concentrated and reorganized. The operation lasts 2 hours, is done under general anaesthesia.

Scars are inevitable and, generally, have the form of an inverted "T".


After the surgery

You will have to rest at the clinic during 24 hours.

Your bandages will be removed after two days, and you will continue wearing a surgical bra around the clock for several weeks, until the swelling and bruising subside.

You will be able to do physical exercise again 30 days after the surgery.


We have to wait a year to see the final result. The biggest drawback is the scars that can be treated to improve faster. Yes there is a noticeable improvement in comfort.


Infection, bruising, altered sensation, necrosis, poor healing or unsightly scars.

Breast Reduction

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